Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan has clued music fans and java drinkers into an upcoming coffee roast from Caduceus Cellars.

That's the Arizona-based winery owned by the eclectic rocker that's more known for its libations made from fermented grapes as opposed to any bean-derived refreshments. But that position could change within the next two years, as the singer suggested on Twitter just a few months ago.

In January, a picturesque tweet from Caduceus Cellars drew a reply from one user probing the possibility of a gourmet coffee from the Tool singer's vino operation. Keenan jumped all over the proposal, indicating that the company's signature roast — and not just a re-branded coffee bag — will arrive by 2022.

"If Maynard really wants to take over the world, he'll start selling Caduceus gourmet coffee," Twitter denizen Mark Whitlock put forward.

"Two years," Keenan responded. "Heard it here first. Mark it." In a follow-up message, the Tool frontman added a clarification to his initial reply. "As in Roasting. Not just bagging," he said.

In a separate response, the winery itself was quick to point out that Keenan's non-Tool music group Puscifer has their own branded coffee. Colorado company Novo Coffee are the roasters behind the Puscifer Whole Bean Coffee, which came in four different blends when it was first released.

Does Keenan's answer mean the musician is making room in his Merkin Vineyards for some coffee plants? That's probably a more remote possibility. But either way, within two years, coffee-loving Tool fans will likely have a signature Caduceus Cellars roast to brighten their mornings.

In 2019, Tool unleashed Fear Inocolum, their first album in 13 years. The band recently postponed its spring 2020 tour over safety concerns regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Puscifer's most recent release, a remix collection called Money Shot Your Re-Load, arrived in 2016.

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