Oh boy! Something big is about to happen with everyone's favorite animated death metal band, Dethklok. The website MetalocalypseNow.com has been launched, simply showing a countdown clock set to expire Thursday, Oct. 8 at roughly 1:44PM ET.

Fans have gone without new Metalocalypse episodes for a couple of years now, leading dedicated followers to ask creator Brendon Small about the future of the show. Unfortunately, Small revealed in a tweet that Adult Swim had passed on a miniseries planned to close out the Metalocalypse story.

Small also revealed that Hulu currently holds the license to the streaming rights for Metalocalypse. He encouraged fans to send messages to Hulu asking for the service to sign on and air the final mini series. Fans along with the metal press showed their support for Metalocalypse and it's now very possible that our wish will be granted.

Brendon Small himself retweeted the MetalocalypseNow website, so we know for sure it's legit. A Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account have all been launched with the countdown clock, so keep your eyes open and stay patient for the countdown's end on Oct. 8.

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