Bands may turn up at venues, but let's be honest -- it's not a show until the fans get involved. They provide the livelihood for bands, both at the box office and in giving them the energy to turn a good show into a great one. Some fans are more hardcore than others and certain acts have extremely dedicated fan bases.

In this category, we honor those who push the turnstiles, leave it all out at the concert venue and continually keep hard rock and metal alive. So check out the nominees, then vote for the most devoted fans of 2014 in the 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards poll below.

  • Warner Bros.

    Avenged Sevenfold

    How devoted are Avenged Sevenfold fans? All you needed to do was check out the Mayhem Festival this summer to find out. The band's songs top radio charts, their albums sell big and their concerts are among the most attended. Best put, Avenged Sevenfold fans represent!

  • Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

    Black Veil Brides

    Black Veil Brides fans are among the most vocal and dedicated, as anyone who has seen one of their shows will tell you. In 2014, the fans had new music to embrace as their self-titled fourth studio album dropped on shelves and a fall tour turned out to be one of the year's hottest tickets.

  • Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

    Five Finger Death Punch

    The Knuckleheads were there for Five Finger Death Punch every step of the way in 2014. The band has become one of the top draws on tour due in part to their ever-growing fan base and this year the fans were rewarded with a major fall package tour, epic music videos and hit songs at radio.

  • Universal


    It's been a while, but Godsmack fans finally got to show their devotion again in 2014. After a lengthy break between albums, the group issued '1000hp' and all you need to do is check the album sales, radio play and more to find out that the fandom for the band has not waned.

  • Sony

    Judas Priest

    Metal icons Judas Priest got that way by having a very strong fan base over the years. And in 2014, those fans got something that they might not have been sure would ever happen again. They got a new album. So with 'Redeemer of Souls' on shelves and the band back on the stage, you bet these devoted fans turned out.

  • Warner Bros.

    Linkin Park

    Linkin Park have always been one of the best acts in paying back the support to their fans and 2014 was no exception. The LP Underground had their summit in Darien Lake, New York, this past year. Plus, there was the 'Carnivores' tour, the new album,'The Hunting Party,' and a big tour with Thirty Seconds to Mars and AFI that fans devoured this past year.

  • Photo by Michael Muller


    There may be haters out there, but Nickelback remain one of the top selling bands in rock for a reason. There's a whole lot of fans who love them. And those fans welcomed new album 'No Fixed Address' with open arms. After webcasting a fan-filled show last fall, the band will open up their touring in 2015 with a tireless schedule playing for their devoted followers.

  • Kathy Flynn,

    The Pretty Reckless

    If you weren't aware of The Pretty Reckless before 2014, you certainly were by year's end. And that's because Taylor Momsen and company reached new heights in popularity this past year. Armed with a killer album and a growing legion of fans, the band made their presence felt. And the fans were there at every turn, making sure that the band's music was in front of as many eyes and ears as possible.

  • Roadrunner


    2014 gave us the return of Slipknot and their ever-faithful maggots! And there was a lot to chew on for "the maggots," as the band gave them an extensive promotional campaign with artistic videos prior to dropping '.5: The Gray Chapter.' Plus, they got to rock along with the band on a fall tour and the band's own Knotfest music events.

  • Herfitz PR

    X Japan

    X Japan may not have been very active in 2014, but their Madison Square Garden show in New York was one of the year's bigger events, especially for a group who rarely plays in the U.S. That bit of mystique has only made their fans more dedicated to keeping up with the rare appearances.