Now that Lemmy Kilmister is feeling better after fighting off that pesky lung infection, Motörhead are celebrating with the launch of their signature whisky! Come Oct. 1, the loudest band on earth will unleash the loudest whisky straight from Swedish award-winning distillery Mackmyra.

The legendary power trio have already hit hard with their Motörhead Drinks line, which already features Motörhead Bastards beer, a number of wine selections and Motörhead vodka.

"The un-compromising attitude that characterises the band’s music is also obvious in Motörhead Whisky: bourbon-influences up front, it’s an alert and vital - almost cocky - perfectly balanced whisky with nice caramel and typical vanilla notes from American oak," reads the Motorhead Drinks site. "Oct. 1 sees the release of Motörhead Whisky at Systembolaget in Sweden to start with, and the band have played an active role in both choosing casks and blends to put their name on the label. Batch one of Motörhead whisky is a limited edition Swedish Single Malt Whisky with an oaky and slightly fruity character, characterized by aging five years in new American oak barrels, where parts of the whiskey has got a final touch from oloroso oak barrels the last six months. Alcohol strength is 40 percent and the whisky is cool filtered, so no cloudiness should occur in the bottle or the glass, if the whisky is served at a lower temperature. In summary this becomes an enjoyable, easy to drink and easy oaky and spicy Swedish Single Malt Whisky."

"Life is less painful with Motörhead Whisky," says Lemmy. "I may consider having a sip now and then."

Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee adds, "We think it’s great fun to launch a whisky in collaboration with a Swedish, world-famous distillery, Mackmyra. The whisky is incredibly good, with full character and fully flavoured with a superb bourbon touch, as it’s been aged in new American oak casks. All of us in the band have been active in the production process and are very proud over the result, and are happy to now launch such a great, characteristic whisky, Motörhead-style."

Motörhead Whisky is currently priced at a demonic value of 666 Swedish Krona ($79).

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