Anthony Vincent of the "10 Second Songs" YouTube channel continues to mystify viewers with his dynamic take on iconic songs. In the video below, he covered My Chemical Romance's all-time hit "Welcome to the Black Parade" in the style of Avenged Sevenfold.

Throughout their career, Avenged Sevenfold have gone through a handful of stylistic phases and, here, Vincent opts for a City of Evil era styled cover of the emo hit. What really drives the connection between the two artists is that both of them play a melodic brand of heavy music and My Chem's Gerard Way and Avenged's M. Shadows each possess a nasal-toned quality to their voice.

After the dramatic, soft opening passage, the A7X spin on "Welcome to the Black Parade" becomes increasingly easy to distinguish as the pop-punk rhythms are replaced with a stuttering gallop. Extra doses of melody are thrown on top of it all and it convincingly comes off as a genuine Avenged Sevenfold track.

As explained in the beginning of the video, Vincent previously covered the song in 20 different styles. One of those styles was Queen, which won the fan vote regarding which style should be adopted for a full standalone cover. Avenged were a close second and Vincent, who was hoping the Orange County group would take the top spot, elected to do it anyway.

Of course, what prompted all these My Chemical Romance covers in the first place was the announcement of the band's reunion in late 2019. So far, they've only played one reunion show, which took place on Dec. 20 in Los Angeles. See footage of the show and the set list from the event here.

On deck for My Chem in 2020 are three more shows, which will be held in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The band also recently sent out a cryptic tweet (seen below) of a cloaked skeletal figure and an emoji of the U.K. flag, likely prefacing a forthcoming announcement of another show.

My Chemical Romance, "Welcome to the Black Parade" Covered in Style of Avenged Sevenfold

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