Nonpoint singer Elias Soriano is going to be the guest on Loudwire Radio this weekend. The band is unleashing it's new single 'Left for You,' which you'll be able to hear on the show. They also recently released a song called 'I Said It,' which is getting radio play despite not being an official single. Check out a preview of Elias Soriano's chat with Loudwire Radio host Sandman below:

Give me a little detail about the new album, when it’s going to drop and then let’s talk about the tour thereafter.

The new album, it looks like it’s going to drop around September 18, that is the goal date for us to release it and we’ve worked really, really hard on the record, it’s been pretty much non-stop since last June, I would say. Between writing with the new guys and getting together and me having to go back and forth from Michigan to Chicago, it was really… it was quite a task, man. But the end product, it absolutely shows the amount of work that everybody put into it.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. I’m wondering…you’ve got a couple new guys in the band, is that correct?

Yes, yes. Dave, Adam, and Rasheed.

How do you go about finding new members for a band? Did you actually have auditions? Did you put out some kind of ad somewhere? How do you find people?

No, we like to ask our peers and our friends, people who kind of know our style and know the type of people that we are. So, when you ask close friends they know your personality and who you’re going to mesh with and...We got a hold of Dave’s name from a friend and Dave played with Rasheed and with Adam in another band called Inn Cinema. So, you know, the package kind of all came together and the guys just fell right in, it was great. The chemistry was already there.

You know, the Loudwire listeners are going to know Nonpoint from songs like ‘Bullet with a Name’ and ‘Miracle.’ I mean, you guys have really…it seems like every album the band has played better and just, everything has gotten better as you matured. How did you feel writing for this record? Do you feel like you have to surpass what you did before? Or is there really any kind of pressure like that?

Oh, we…Oh, yeah. There is always that pressure. You always got to do better than what you put out previously. This time around it was really about the songs and really about song writing and I learned a lot of new stuff on this record that I wasn’t even aware of the last couple of records. Just, on how to notice things and notice great parts and it definitely opened up my perspective for future records and for other bands that I work with. So, it was a great process, really great. Johnny K was a great producer. Rob Gray(?) has been…and Brian Berchie(?) where both great to work with on that last song that we did with them. It was just, all around, it was a great experience.

So you have a tour that’s going to be kicking off—if I remember right from your facebook page—around July 12? Is that right?

Yeah, we’ve got a couple shows. We’re doing a couple fly dates, 2 fly dates, and then we start a tour with Call Me No One in late July. Call Me No One and Eye Empire and then we’re going to continue through, and then finish up the final two weeks of the six week tour with Eye Empire and another band called Surrender the Fall out of Memphis who are really good friends of mine and are a really great band.

Well I know Nonpoint is a band that headlines they’re own shows for the most part. Are you guys going to catch any of the festival action at all this summer or early fall? Or just pretty much doing the headlining gig?

Yeah, yeah, definitely. We’re trying to, you know, obviously all those things come up when your record gets released. We’ve just kind of been off the grid, getting the record done and I’m sure once word gets out that the new record is going to hit stores in mid-September, I‘m sure the offers for festivals will start coming in.