There's nothing like planning ahead and Ozzy Osbourne is definitely ahead of schedule on something called 'Hell Gate' that's in store for October 2015.

The rocker just launched a Facebook page for 'Hell Gate' that so far only includes a graphic that looks like a weathered old map of the U.S. with warn edges, a faded image of a scary looking older man at the top and a pair of worm like creatures or rusted hooks punching through the map at the bottom.

What does it all mean? The popular theory at the moment is that Osbourne is teaming with Universal Studios for a Halloween-themed attraction. Osbourne has a history with Universal Studios, as Black Sabbath lent their touch to a horror-themed attraction for the Halloween Horror Nights at the theme park in 2013.

The park has a track record of teaming with rockers for specialty attractions with acts like Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper previously working with Universal and Slash lending his musical touch to the 'Clowns 3D' attraction this year.

The other main potential theory would be a new Osbourne album. The rocker has already stated that he would anxious to "put all his irons in the fire" and would like to continue with Black Sabbath or return to his solo career sooner than later. So the idea of a new album arriving by next October is not out of the question.

Stay tuned to see what's in store for Ozzy Osbourne concerning 'Hell Gate.' And in the interim, look for Osbourne's career-spanning 'Memoirs of a Madman' collection arriving on Oct. 7.