Paramore experienced what seemed to be a pyrotechnics misfire onstage in Melbourne, Australia, on Monday (Nov. 27). Three ill-timed bursts of sparks shot off during a performance of their 2017 single "Hard Times," prompting a bemused reaction from lead singer Hayley Williams.

Per NME, Williams responded by altering the outro lyrics of "Hard Times" to reflect the situation and her apparent frustration: "Somebody's getting fired," she sang after giving a laugh. "Beyoncé did it so we can too / And I can't wait to speak with you / It's the third time this has happened to us."

See fan-captured video of the incident below.

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Indeed, the pop star Beyoncé once infamously quipped "somebody getting fired" in-song after what appeared to be some sort of lighting malfunction onstage, giving Williams' nod its origin.

But was Williams just joking when she seemingly threatened an apparent stage tech's job due to the malfunction? Judging by her tongue-in-cheek reaction, it appeared to be all in good fun.

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Paramore are currently on tour behind their album This Is Why, one of Loudwire's best rock and metal albums of 2023, which emerged in February. The band is currently finishing up their shows in Australia and will continue across the globe in 2024, including with Taylor Swift.

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Paramore's Hayley Williams Responds Onstage After Pyro Misfire - Nov. 27

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