There are more Paramore cancellations on the horizon, but this time the band has left concerned fans with something that signifies their eventual return.

Earlier this month, the band bowed out of the ALTer EGO radio festival in Los Angeles, raising further concern amongst their fans after the band had wiped their social media clean in December. Now comes word of additional cancellations, but some additional clarification for fans about their future after all of the recent concern. Their message, shared through their Instagram Stories, reads as follows:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Paramore can no longe attend and perform at Vive Latino in Mexico City, Festival Estero Picnic in Bogata and Lollapalooza Brazile in Sao Paulo. In their place Kings of Leon have been confirmed.

Paramore thanks them and apologizes for any inconvenience.

They will see you in the next era.

Instagram Stories: Paramore

Shortly after Paramore were trending following their previous festival cancellation, Variety reported that sources close to the band has confirmed that the reason why their social media had been wiped clean was that their longtime contract with Atlantic Records had reached its completion, making them officially free agents without a label.

That would line up with an interview the band granted to UPROXX just prior to ending their run with Atlantic in which it was indicated there was "a level of uncertainty" about their future, but as Hayley Williams put it, "The only thing that matters is we will still get to be each other's community,"

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The group did make their first official post on Instagram since wiping their account clean on Jan. 10, sharing a teaser for their participation in a Talking Heads tribute album.

Paramore's latest studio album, This Is Why, emerged in February 2023. The band is expecting to continue taking their live show across the globe in 2024, including on tour with Taylor Swift.

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