Paramore have wiped their Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) accounts clean, updated with a blank profile picture. The band's website no longer exists either and fans are confused.

The timing of this latest scrubbing, however, is especially curious as Paramore recently expressed that they're not sure what the future holds for the band or if there even is one.

The Changes to Paramore's Social Media Accounts + Website

Every single post on Paramore's Instagram and X accounts have been deleted and the profile pictures have been changed, showing a stick figure head and torso against a grey background.

Paramore's profile picture on Facebook has been changed to the same image, however their pre-existing posts are all still there, the latest coming on Dec. 17, wishing guitarist Taylor York a happy birthday.

Regarding Paramore's website — — that landing page now reads "404 Not Found. The requested URL was not found on this server."

Fans Have No Idea What's Going On

Fans have flocked to the r/Paramore Reddit thread to discuss these latest activities, pondering the significance of these moves in relation to those recent comments about a murky future.

Some claim (as of four hours prior to this post being published) that they were still able to access the website, while others were greeted with a message that read, "Future home of something quite cool."

One fan posits, "I think they're making big 'left the label' moves," while another wondered if Paramore's previous label — Atlantic Records — had managed the social media and webpages and that this is a transitional period for the accounts and site.

Elsewhere, fans urge everyone to remain calm and don't panic, opting to wait this out to see a new announcement will be coming soon.

The new profile picture on Facebook has generated over 11,000 comments with a mixed bag of reactions. There's comments using Paramore lyrics in an ultra dramatic fashion, ones with optimistic outlooks and some that are all doom and gloom.

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The Recent Uncertainty of Paramore's Future

On Dec. 14, Paramore posted a quote from their interview with UPROXX in a candid assessment about what's next for the veteran group.

Paramore's Instagram story contained the following note, which is an excerpt from the feature (not a direct quote from the band):

Now that Paramore has spent the year touring behind This Is Why (and making sure to take better care of themselves while they’re at it), a chapter of the band’s career has come to a close. They’ve now fulfilled all label obligations and are effectively free agents. As for the future of Paramore, all three members agreed that there’s a level of uncertainty.

"The only thing that matters is we will still get to be each other's community,'" says Williams, while drummer Zac Farro adds, "I just hope we can keep building the Paramore empire and then rule the world."

Elsewhere in the interview, Williams laments the state of social media and how difficult it is to casually joke around and engage with fans without some small anecdote being blown up into something much larger and/or deceitful. Ensuring private and professional barriers are kept intact is often challenging.

The singer does, however, see how beneficial TikTok can be, especially as a tool for self-promotion for artists.

Paramore in 2024

Despite all the chatter about an uncertain future, Paramore have a slew of tour dates on the books, opening for Taylor Swift on a European and U.K. leg of her ongoing The Eras tour.

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