Welcome to May! The temperatures are heating up and so is the release schedule. After a few light months of new albums to start the year, there was a pretty stocked slate for the month of May. We put the question to you which new offering was the most anticipated of May and the Loudwire readers responded by voting Pierce the Veil's Misadventures as their pick. It was a close race, with Pierce the Veil besting Toseland's Cradle the Rage, while Red Tide Rising's Voices, Avatar's Feathers & Flesh and Death Angel's The Evil Divide all put up solid numbers as well.

After 2011's Collide With the Sky, the band began coming up with songs and the idea to reunite with producer Dan Korneff appealed to them as well, but what seemed like it might be a quick turnaround turned into a couple of years as the band made sure to get the record they wanted. "We did come into the record with a pretty strong vision of what we wanted to do and I think we worked really hard towards that for a while in the studio. We got to a good point where we were and then we had been in the studio for so long and I was in there for months working trying — once we got to lyrics and vocals, I was ready to get out of there for a little bit," singer Vic Fuentes recently told us. "I think to get the inspiration we had to get out of there for a little bit."

On top of touring, Fuentes himself took trips to New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Seattle and the Southern California mountain resort of Big Bear before it all came together. "I think for us, and for me I guess, it’s something that I can’t really describe when I feel like we’ve reached the point where the song is ready," Fuentes told us. "It’s sort of like more of a feeling that you get when you just feel like personally you’ve done it. You feel like you nailed that part or that lyric. It makes me so happy. You feel the whole like, you feel it running through your body and you just feel so happy when you feel like you’ve got that part done and that song is finished. I think for this record, I guess I was in whatever point in my life where — I guess, I don’t know maybe each record it gets harder to please yourself. But for this record we just kept at it until we felt really satisfied with everything."

The disc has already yielded the single "Texas Is Forever" and the band also just issued another new song titled "Circles" that has received positive responses. Other standouts include "The Divine Zero," "Floral and Fading" and "Song for Isabelle."

The album, due May 13, is currently available to pre-order via Amazon and iTunes. You can catch the band on the road at these locations.

Once again, congrats to Pierce the Veil, as Misadventures has been voted as the May 2016 Loudwire Release of the Month.