Co-headliners Pop Evil and Nonpoint teamed up to rock fans in New York City on Monday night (Aug. 15) on a bill that also saw impressive performances by the opening acts.

Pop Evil made concertgoers pump their fists and shake their hips with hits such as 'Monster You Made' and 'Last Man Standing,' from their recent release 'War of Angels.' They also performed earlier hits such as 'Breathe,' '100 in a 55,' 'Hero' and others.

Fans (namely the female ones) were putty in the hands of lead singer Leigh Kakaty. It helps that Kakaty's vocals were on point and he, along with the rest of his band, had great stage presence. But even if they just stood there and did nothing, the crowd would have still gone nuts over them.

It's no wonder why Pop Evil fans are so devoted, and the group's fan base will only increase steadily -- especially when the band embarks on a tour opening up for 3 Doors Down this fall.

The energy at Grammercy Theater only elevated from there when Nonpoint hit the stage. Singer Elias Soriano came out swinging as they opened with 'Miracle.' The band also gave explosive performances of tracks such as 'What a Day,' 'Broken Bones,' 'Orgullo,' 'Bullet With a Name' and a decked out version of the Phil Collins classic 'In the Air Tonight,' among many other tunes.

Soriano's love of the crowd was shown onstage and felt through the venue. The chemistry and the cohesiveness of the band is seen through their performance and it is easy to see why Nonpoint have had a successful run for more than a decade now.

The show opened with three talented bands, the first (ironically) called the Opening, and then 3 Pill Morning and Seven Day Sonnet.

Although the Opening performed for about 10 people at the very beginning of the show, their vitality was enough for a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden.

The following act, 3 Pill Morning, were less vigorous but definitely made up for it with their melodic groove, not to mention the drummer had more zest in his pinky than most bands have in an entire performance.

Seven Day Sonnet showcased a great mix of both vitality and harmony and performed many radio friendly songs, including their two recent singles 'Hapless' and 'Farewell to Good Days.'

It's very rare to see a lineup of that many bands without a weak one in the bunch. Pop Evil, Nonpoint and the rest of the acts certainly made it a memorable night.

Watch a Brief Clip of Nonpoint Performing at NYC's Grammercy Theater