Think you can take Poppy? Think again. The singer defeats all assailants in the violent music video for "Bloodmoney," whether that means attacking them with a crowbar or merely kicking them while they're down. The song is the latest to surface from Poppy's I Disagree album, which comes out Jan. 10, 2020.

And while it's no remake of Jean-Claude Van Damme's Bloodsport, the ferocity of Poppy's onslaught is perhaps just as palpable. Some might have shown confusion at Poppy's steady transition to a more metal-based sound. But although "Bloodmoney" reveals a more electronic-based aura than the previous I Disagree singles (such as the metallic title track or ferocious "Concrete"), the wicked guitar solo therein is still a one-way ticket to shred town. Get kicked by Poppy's "Bloodmoney" down toward the bottom of this post.

By the time the musician arrives at a neon crucifix near the end of the clip, the tune's pointed lyrics ("What do you believe when nobody is watching?" and "Beg for forgiveness from Jesus the Christ," for starters) may begin to make sense.

Like other Poppy jams, the song features an abrupt reverie. After two minutes and 30 seconds of non-stop pummeling and self-doubt instigated by the singer, the listeners' reprieve arrives with a muted refrain at the track's tail end. As if to mirror the lull, Poppy is shown floating before the crucifix at this point in the video.

It probably won't win over any evangelicals, but the catchy tune and its vicious visual mark another stunning achievement for the enigmatic entertainer who initially emerged on YouTube in a bizarre series of art videos. Apostate metalheads might want to take note.

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Poppy, "Bloodmoney" Music Video

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