Poppy's new album I Disagree (out Friday, Jan. 10) might exhibit characteristics closer to heavy metal than her previous work. But that doesn't mean the singer herself calls it metal music. Poppy calls it something else entirely.

Not that one would fault a casual listener for thinking otherwise. After all, the imminent third studio effort from the enigmatic YouTube star who's become a pop sensation arrives via Sumerian Records, a label largely known for hosting metal and hardcore bands.

Poppy's preceding efforts — 2017's Poppy.Computer and 2018's Am I a Girl? — were issued in conjunction with Mad Decent, the imprint of EDM and hip-hop personality Diplo. But perhaps I Disagree falls somewhere outside those two spheres, as the entertainer intimated Thursday (Jan. 9).

"A lot of people who have written about the new music have said it's metal and pop, but I think that's because they like the juxtaposition of that," Poppy told Kerrang in part of an interview shared on the eve of I Disagree's release.

She continues, "I've never said my music is metal, but I do listen to that music. To clarify: post-genre. Or prog rock or pop. We're turning a new page."

Poppy's genre transformation has undoubtedly followed a sonic trajectory that could appeal to metal fans. When early I Disagree single "Concrete" emerged last August, the artist's pivot to a certain type of pop-metal was apparent. Ensuing rockers such as the album's title track, "Bloodmoney" and "Fill the Crown" only drove the point home. Not to mention the disarming visuals contained within the tunes' respective music videos.

But Poppy's dogged opposition to music genre restrictions is nothing new. "I don't think genre really exists much anymore," the singer shared with Loudwire in an exclusive interview last month.

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