We already know Poppy doesn't like to pigeonhole her music within the confines of a single genre, but she's really channeling Nirvana and '90s alternative on her latest song "Her."

This latest release from Poppy has a riffy, alternative edge that sounds like it could've been written by Kurt Cobain. She sings gently throughout the majority of the song, with the exception of a few of her signature screams, of course.

The accompanying video is pretty bizarre, which also isn't new for Poppy. Check it out below, and follow along with the lyrics underneath.

The sound of "Her" follows suit with that of her other recent releases, such as her EP Eat and her cover of Jack Off Jill’s "Fear of Dying." Whereas her Sumerian Records debut I Disagree was more of an electro-pop album mixed with nu-metal, it seems that she's currently going in more of an alternative rock direction.

But don't forget — she's "post-genre." That's how the artist likes to describe her music.

"I don't think genre really exists much anymore, and I think a lot of music that's on the alternative charts isn't, to me at least, truly alternative. I think it's just pop, and it's another name for pop music," she told us in an interview. "I think we should create another genre — maybe nu-alternative."

Poppy - 'Her'

Poppy, 'Her' Lyrics

Give her a face
Give her a name
That isn' t hers
Then make her yours
Say she's adored
Call her a whore
Then pick her up
Throw her on the floor


I'm getting to know her
And all of her anger
You won’t recognize her
If you encountered
I'm getting to know her
And all of her anger
Picked herself up
Put her back together


Give her a taste
Take it away
Under your thumb
Tell her to stay
Don't say a word
Don't disobey
When she woke up
She ran away


Run your mouth to keep her scared
You expected her to care
But when her mind made up
You were illfully prepared
Have you observed
And what have you learned
The girl that you knew
Will never be yours

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