Rancid have unleashed a new song off titled 'Face Up' off their upcoming album 'Honor Is All We Know.' The short fist-pumping rock cut follows last month’s release of three songs off the California band’s new effort, which marks their first new album in over five years.

The brash and speedy rocker clocks in at just over 90 seconds and is an ode to always finding a way to get into hot water. In the song, Tim Armstrong belts out: “It's just another day of getting into trouble / Chasing the booze with another bottle / Went into a bar looking for some quiet / Said the wrong thing and it turned into a riot / Face up / I'm lucky to wake up face up."

Last month the band released a performance video of them playing the new songs ‘Collision Course,’ ‘Evil’s My Friend and the album’s title track.

Rancid’s eighth studio album ‘Honor Is All We Know’ will be released on Oct. 27. You can pre-order the album in various bundles here and at iTunes.

Rancid’s ‘Honor Is All We Know’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Back Where I Belong’
2. ‘Raise Your First’
3. ‘Collision Course’
4. ‘Evil’s My Friend’
5. ‘Honor Is All We Know.’
6. ‘A Power Inside’
7. ‘In The Streets’
8. ‘Face Up’
9. ‘Already Dead’
10. ‘Diabolical’
11. ‘Malfunction’
12. ‘Now We’re Through’
13. ‘Everybody’s Sufferin’
14. ‘Grave Digger’