Rancid just unleashed another track from their upcoming Trouble Maker album. “Where I’m Going” taps into the ska-driven side of Rancid not yet showcased from the tracks released so far from the new record.

Rancid’s new album sounds like it’s going to be another modern gem filled with anthems. The Berkeley punks have already unveiled a straight-ahead slugger with “Ghost of a Chance,” giving us a peek of the band jamming in their garage. Home base was the set of “Telegraph Avenue” as well, which is more folky in nature and a quintessential love letter to California’s Bay Area.

“Where I’m Going” might remind you of past Rancid classics like “Time Bomb.” Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen trade verses in the new song, coming together in the chorus for a raucous recital of “You don’t understand where I am or where I’ve been or where I’m going.”

Trouble Maker was produced by Bad Religion guitarist and Epitaph Records founder Brett Gurewitz and actually features the original Rancid logo on the cover for the first time since 1993. Trouble Maker will be another Rancid full-length absolutely packed with songs, tipping the scales at 19 tracks at just a 36-minute run time.

Check out “Where I’m Going” below and make sure to pre-order Trouble Maker by clicking here.

Rancid, "Where I'm Going"

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