Robots inheriting the Earth is a common sci-fi movie theme, but maybe Marilyn Manson should be more concerned about robots taking over his band. The shock rocker could soon be replaced by a crew of mechanized rockers, judging from this video that recently surfaced online.

The all-robotic outfit End of Life -- “The World’s Greatest Robot Band,” as they are referred to -- has recorded a pretty spot-on cover of the Manson classic ‘Beautiful People.’ The robotic creations aren’t mechanical creatures that “walk” and “talk,” but they do manage to “play” drums, a cello, a guitar, keyboards and a computer scanner in a coordinated manner, and we aren’t exaggerating things when we give our give our verdict: it kinda rocks. We guess this brings new meaning to ‘Mechanical Animals.’

The song, which took two months to program and record, isn’t the first End of Life has performed. They also have a version of the B-52’s ‘Rock Lobster’ (actually the band is called the Bit-52’s for that one), which features a speech synthesizer mimicking singer Fred Schneider's distinct voice. That one is cool too, but something about the added creepiness factor of robots covering Marilyn Manson makes 'Beautiful People' a can't-miss experience.

End of Life Robot Band Covering Marilyn Manson's 'Beautiful People'