If the famed zombie apocalypse were to happen, it's obvious that rock and metal's finest musicians would be among the most dangerous. Being starstruck certainly wouldn't help as you attempt to run for your life, and those brave enough to ask for an autograph would most likely end up as brunch for the undead.

It may be a strange experience meeting the zombified version of your favorite musician, so to help in the identification process and limit any sort of uncertainty, we've put together a collage with the theme of 'What If Every Rocker Turned Into a Zombie?' with the help of MakeMeZombie.com.

Axl Rose: 'Live?!' vs. 'Like a Suicide'

Even if Axl Rose had the zombie infection consume his brain, leaving the singer as nothing more than a mindless flesh-eater, he probably still wouldn't appear for a Guns N' Roses reunion. Perhaps the feud is instinct by this point, with even the most primal areas of his brain retaining the opinion that his former bandmates are jerks.

Scott Gries, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com
Corey Taylor vs. Gory Taylor

Assuming Corey Taylor isn't wearing his Slipknot mask when he gets bit, this is the singer's future zombie face. It's a shame that those lovely blue eyes will turn a rotten yellow, but Taylor is still in there somewhere, as evidenced by the cigarette carefully placed behind his ear.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com
Nikki Sixx vs. Nikki Sixx Sixx Sixx

Now that's a zombie face! Drug overdoses couldn't kill Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, even when he was actually pronounced dead, so this zombified Nikki Sixx is strictly hypothetical.

Valerie Macon, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com
Amy Lee: 'My Last Breath' vs. 'Bring Me to Life'

Zombie or not, Evanescence singer Amy Lee can still inspire a profound rush of blood to you-know-where. If you find zombie Amy Lee during your escape from hoards of flesh-eating freaks, we strongly advise against trying to put the moves on her. Such a mistake will result in dire consequences … use your imagination.

Danny Martindale, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com
James Hetfield vs. James Deadfield

Admittedly, Metallica's James Hetfield looks pretty awesome as a zombie. As one of the kings of the 'tough metal guy' face, Hetfield would likely be seen as some sort of zombie elite. Though a zombie Hetfield would be depressing for fans, at least there would be a guarantee of no more 'Lulu' performances.

Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com
Rob Halford: 'Living After Midnight' vs. 'Killing Machine'

Here comes the Killing Machine! Not even the 'Metal God' is immortal against the zombie virus. Imagine Rob Halford riding full speed on the 'Painkiller' motorcycle, sawing through drooling undead monsters in an attempt to save the world. He'd leave a fairly impressive line of entrails behind, but if Halford was to get bit, this would be the result.

Theo Wargo, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com
Dave Mustaine vs. Grave Mustaine

Damn, Dave Mustaine looks a little worse for the ware in his zombified state. Apparently, the zombie virus causes a select few to develop a nasty case of lazy eye. Have you ever seen a carrot-topped zombie? If so, kindly tell us what film in the comments section. Seriously, we need to see a redheaded zombie.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com
Maynard James Keenan: 'The Patient' vs. 'The Hollow'

It would be a great tragedy to lose the brains of Maynard James Keenan, especially if they're eaten by infected freaks. If you stumble upon the brain of Maynard Keenan during your exodus from Arizona, please preserve it in a jar for the possibility of some great post-apocalyptic music.

George De Sota, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com
Trent Reznor: 'Pretty' vs. 'Hate Machine'

Tough break, Trent. One of those damn zombies snatched out your eyeball and sucked out your brilliant brain through the socket. Admittedly, the Nine Inch Nails mastermind still looks pretty handsome, and as long as that gorgeous wife of his remains healthy, an undead life could still have its moments.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com
'The Prince of Darkness' vs. 'The Prince of Deadness'

Sharon!!! Ozzy Osbourne looks pretty terrifying as a member of the undead. The 'Bark at the Moon' singer would probably be better suited as a werewolf, but unfortunately the choice rarely belongs to the victim.

Charley Gallay, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com
Rob Zombie vs. uhhhhh... Rob Zombie

Oh man, we tried to zombify Rob Zombie ... but he ended up looking exactly the same. Could it be that the musician and filmmaker has been among the walking dead this entire time? If so, this whole zombie apocalypse thing could happen during Zombie's next altercation with Marilyn Manson. If he sinks his teeth into Manson, the virus would spread throughout rock concerts worldwide. We're not about to stop going to shows, so the infection seems unavoidable. Goodbye, cruel world; a life without rock concerts would turn our brains into mush anyway.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images