Senses Fail frontman Bobby Nielsen recently opened up about his longtime beef with Chris Fronzak of Attila. The vocalist went off on the Alternative Press Cautionary Tales podcast saying Fronzak needs to be "punched in the face." Listen to the lengthy interview in the player above, head to the 45-minute mark to hear Nielsen specifically discuss Fronzak.

Nielsen and Fronzak have a long history of exchanging words that dates back to the Vans Warped Tour in 2014. The grievance exploded when Nielsen took offense to Fronzak’s overuse of a homophobic slur in his lyrics and on stage. A Twitter war ensued in which the Atilla frontman denied using the slurs in a homophobic way.

Back in February, Attlla added fuel to the fire when they released the diss track “Callout 2,” which called out Buddy Nielsen by name. “Fuck a Buddy Nielsen/Fuck a stupid coward,” Froznak screams in the song.

Shortly after, the Attila frontman tweeted an explanation behind every diss on the song. He wrote, “This dude literally dedicated his entire set every day on Warped 2014 to talk shit about Atilla. As if that wasn’t fulfilling enough he would talk shit on us on twitter 5 minutes after getting off stage. Dude is a whiny bitch.’

During the AP podcast, Nielsen called Fronzak a bully and said he "deserves to have his ass kicked." He also shared how the music scene didn’t support him and gave him grief for calling out Fronzak. Nielsen said, “There was a lot of ‘shut up, shut the fuck up, play your songs and be glad you’re here. You got everything you wanted.’”

He added: “Nobody had my back with that Atilla dude. That dude is one of the dudes who needs to get punched in the face. I’m not a violent person. But if you are a person who is queer and you get called ‘faggot,’ you have every fuckin’ right to knock that person in the face. I am standing in your fuckin’ space and taking it. I do not like a nonviolent, passive queer movement. Peace and love doesn’t always get you a place of respect at the table.”

In January, Senses Fail released a video for “Gold Jacket, Green Jacket.” They released their seventh studio album, If There is Light, It Will Find You, in February.

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