Simple Plan have parted ways with yet another associate — touring bassist and concert photographer/videographer Chady Awad — due to sexual misconduct claims. The decision comes just a week after regular bassist David Desrosiers let the band due to similar allegations against him.

On Wednesday (July 15), Vice News reported that Simple Plan's management company, Coalition Music, revealed the band would no longer work with Awad. The musician and creative assistant had filled in as a live bassist for the group until 2019. He also directed some of the band's music videos.

While the accusations' extent is currently unclear, Coalition Music's Eric Lawrence said there was a "story he had heard second hand that we are nonetheless taking extremely seriously. We have put in place a process for the person involved to have the opportunity to confidently and safely tell their story."

Awad refuted the claims to Vice, saying he hadn't worked with the band since February. He also maintained there were currently no plans for the two parties to work together, regardless, because of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding live music in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

"We discussed all these things and the band management decided it made sense not to work together; the decision was not made because they took the allegations against me to be true," Awad said. "This is still my life and my reputation on the line here. I'm out of ideas for what more I can do, but there is just no truth to these rumors and I want to be clear about that."

Last week, accusations against Desrosiers that emerged online posited the musician had groomed a fan when she was a minor, later pressuring her to have sex when she was of age. Soon after, Simple Plan said Desrosiers was "withdrawing from the band in order to work on his personal issues. We offer our deepest apologies to the women who were hurt by his actions. We are also sorry for all our fans who are disappointed by this regretful situation."

Regarding the allegations against Awad, Lawrence added that Simple Plan's management team had reached out to a law firm "with expertise into investigating these types of situations."

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