Babymetal fans unleashed their wrath on Skindred vocalist Benji Webbe after he publicly mocked the group at the 2016 Kerrang! Awards. While Babymetal made their ‘Best Live Band’ acceptance speech, Webbe shouted phrases in a pseudo-Asian voice from the side of the stage.

Babymetal won the ‘Best Live Band’ award over fellow nominees Black Veil Brides, Nightwish, Twenty One Pilots and Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes. The event was hosted by Benji Webbe and Justin Hawkins from The Darkness. The two hosts stood just a few feet away from Babymetal as they made their acceptance speech, but just seconds after Su-metal began speaking, Webbe took it upon himself to interrupt.

Channeling his inner Kanye West, Webbe used his live mic to talk over Su-metal. It’s difficult to hear some of the phrases Webbe was shouting, but a fan in the audience offered subtitles to the video he posted online. Benji butted in with lines like “Heavy metal?”, “Can you kids” or “Candy kids” and “You f—ing around?”. The Babymetal girls kept their composure during Benji’s taunting, refusing to make a fuss over the situation.

Benji Webbe soon took to his Twitter to apologize for disrupting Babymetal’s acceptance speech:

Congrats to Babymetal for winning ‘Best Live Band.’ Babymetal will finish off their 2016 world tour with a duo of shows on Sept. 19 and 20 at Japan’s legendary Tokyo Dome.

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