It has been a wild 24 hours for Slipknot fans, who have just been met with a haunting music video for the new song "Death March," an atmospheric instrumental that comes in the immediate wake of parting ways with Craig Jones and introducing a new mystery member at a festival performance in Austria.

"Death March" helps add a lot of context to "Bone Church," a like-minded song that came out in February. Slipknot appear to want to keep the purpose of these tracks shrouded in mystery and many fans are speculating that we all may finally be hearing material off the long-awaited shelved album, Look Outside Your Window.

Earlier this year, percussionist Clown said the experimental record that was recorded in 2008 may finally be released this year. Meanwhile, frontman Corey Taylor expressed hope that it never comes out.

In tandem with the debut of the "Death March" video (seen below), Slipknot have also launched the new website, which houses the music video and offers an option to enter your email address to sign up for an undisclosed service, perhaps one that will provide additional insight in the near future.

The video features mannequins of each member and, later, all of their heads get blown off, prompting a lot of questions about the significance of this and the title of the track.

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Frankly, it's a pretty confusing time to be a Slipknot fan. While still wondering why Jones is no longer with the band and Slipknot deleting their own posts announcing the split, fans will soon begin to attempt to uncover the identity of the band's newest member. And there's these two songs that have come out this year with no explanation behind them, so things are rather murky all around right now.

Still, that's also part of the fun of being a fan. The band started off hiding their identities and as other members have left or passed away, Slipknot haven't formally introduced new members, instead letting masked mystery musicians maintain anonymity until fans have finally cracked the case or they simply feel its time to reveal their names.

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