Another day, another new Slipknot song! From the band's highly anticipated fifth studio album, '.5: The Gray Chapter,' today's new cut is 'Killpop.'

As of today, Slipknot have released a total of seven songs from '.5: The Gray Chapter.' First, we were given 'The Negative One,' which brought Slipknot fans to a frenzy. The band kept the energy up with a bloody music video for 'The Devil in I,' where they revealed their new masks for the first time. Since then, Slipknot have exposed fans to 'Custer,' 'XIX,' 'Sarcastrophe' and 'AOV,' painting a detailed image of what's in store.

Today, (Oct. 16) we were exposed to 'Killpop,' which is arguably the poppiest Slipknot cut from '.5: The Gray Chapter' so far. Vocalist Corey Taylor is very front-and-center throughout the track, as Slipknot's new mystery drummer takes a step back from his death metal-inspired parts showcased throughout the new album so far.

Check out Slipknot's newest offering, 'Killpop,' by clicking the red button below.

As for Slipknot's '.5: The Gray Chapter,' you can pick up the album, due Oct. 21, via Amazon or iTunes.

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