Kelly Osbourne and Slipknot's Sid Wilson recently shared some happy family holiday time together with their baby son, Sidney, strolling a festive street filled with Christmas lights, as seen in a cute video the couple shared this week, per People.

And doesn't the kid look so much like his father?

Well, you be the judge by watching the video for yourself. "We took little one to holiday road, it was so much fun," the pair said of their family holiday escapades in an Instagram Reel.

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Thirteen-month old Sidney was born in late 2022 after Wilson and Osbourne were reported to be dating at the start of that year.

Do Babies Look Like Their Dads?

What do you think of Sidney's resemblance to his dad? And do newborn babies always actually look more like their father than their mother?

It is a long-held popular theory that babies look like their dad, as Scripps News pointed out. But science hasn't exactly borne this out. There have been several experiments conducted over the years where researchers investigated whether people think newborns look more like dad or mom.

One such study, conducted in 1995, concluded people had an easier time matching photos of 1-year-old children with photos of the father than with photos of the mother. However, other studies have been unable to reproduce those results.

Kelly Osbourne + Sid Wilson Christmas baby photo
Instagram: @kellyosbourne

In fact, a 1999 study showed that photos of babies were equally matched with their mother and father. Other studies found that the babies looked more like their mother than their father. Still another concluded that a father thought his baby looked more like him the longer he spent time with it.

Kelly Osbourne + Sid Wilson Baby

Previously, Osbourne and Wilson had kept details surrounding their child rather private. There were reports that Osbourne had gone into labor this past November [via Page Six], but the baby's birth wasn't confirmed until Sharon Osbourne spilled the beans on The Talk in January, where she also revealed that the baby's name is Sidney.

Kelly Osbourne + Sid Wilson Christmas baby photo
Instagram: @kellyosbourne

"She won't let a picture go out of him," Sharon added at the time, saying she was "so proud of her." Days later, Kelly Osbourne wrote, "I am not ready to share him with the world. It is no one's place but mine to share any information on my baby."

It seems as though she's ready now. In June, she posted a photo of baby Sidney on her Instagram. And not only was it the world's first time seeing Sidney, but the baby wore a bat costume — a seeming reference to Ozzy Osbourne's infamous 1982 onstage bat-biting incident.

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