Your favorite (and possibly only) metal sock puppets group is at it again. This time the parody YouTube troupe has taken on Slipknot, turning their song “Wait and Bleed” into “Wait and Bleach.” Check out the three minute video above.

Instead of describing the clip to you, we thought we’d give you a pun-filled quote from a press release that was sent out with the video: “When socks are used as rags, they’re liable to go insane. These socks have reached their tearing point. Now they’ve snapped and formed the ultimate garage band, Socknot! The band is made up of misfit socks that have been all but used up. Frayed by the constant abuse, they have channeled that insanity into their hit single, 'Wait and Bleach.' This mosh pit of insanity hits you like a washboard and doesn’t let up."

This is the tenth video created by Sock Puppet Parody. If you enjoyed what you saw above, check out their cover of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” Slayer’s “Raining Blood,” and their black metal, Immortal-inspired holiday track, “Immortal Christmas.”

The YouTube sensations have promised fans “Wait and Bleach” will not be the last track from them. One clever commenter suggested they next tackle System of a Down’s “Chop Suey!,” calling it “Sock Suey” by System of a Downy. What song do you think they should take on next?

You Think You Know Slipknot?

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