Crossover thrash icons Suicidal Tendencies recently tapped founding Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo as their new skinsman on tour, which parlayed into a full time gig. The band has now revealed the details surrounding their 11th studio effort (and first with Lombardo), World Gone Mad, and have shared the infectious new song, "Clap Like Ozzy" (listen below).

Arriving Sept. 30 through Suicidal Records, World Gone Mad will bring 11 blistering new tracks of the band's ceaseless spitfire energy. Opening the album is "Clap Like Ozzy," which kicks off with a bouncy drum intro before the bass teases the accents of the guitar riffs. On a moment's notice, the full band comes in and tear into a breakneck, thrashing pace, later featuring a fireworks display of screaming guitar leads and tapping melodies.

Of course, the chorus implores everyone to clap like the Prince of Darkness. Anyone who has seen Ozzy Osbourne live or watched footage knows the frontman spends a fair amount of stage time jumping up and down, clapping his hands together and frequently beckons the crowd to do the same. Singer Mike Muir even squeezes in a familiar Ozzy-ism, "Alright now!"

Pre-orders for World Gone Mad are available through Amazon, digitally through iTunes (with instant gratification download of "Clap Like Ozzy") and bundle options can be explored at the Suicidal Tendencies webstore.

Catch the band on tour in North America with Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Metal Church and Havok starting Sept. 20. For a full list of stops, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

Suicidal Tendencies, "Clap Like Ozzy"

Suicidal Tendencies, World Gone Mad Track Listing

01. “Clap Like Ozzy”
02. “The New Degeneration”
03. “Living For Life”
04. “Get Your Fight On!”
05. “World Gone Mad”
06. “Happy Never After”
07. “One Finger Salute”
08. “Damage Control”
09. “The Struggle Is Real”
10. “Still Dying To Live”
11. “This World”

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