Our latest guests for 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' are lead vocalist Mike Hranica and guitarist-singer Jeremy DePoyster from the Devil Wears Prada!

Unfortunately, the legend of Ziggy Trick Daddy Jerome wasn't on Wikipedia when we checked out the Devil Wears Prada's page, but they were kind enough to tell us all about it anyway. After that, we got into the band's name, digging up a few things you probably didn't know about it.

We spoke with Hranica about the clothing line he started along with the various charities he's donated money to. The duo also cleared up some fiction about their writing process and Dead Throne being the first release they wrote collaboratively since Plagues.

The best story to come out of this Wiki episode has to do with Behemoth, who Wikipedia lists as a major influence for the Devil Wears Prada despite TDWP being a Christian band and Behemoth being staunch Satanists. Apparently, one of Behemoth's techs asked Hranica for a Bible that had been thrown onstage. Behemoth's Nergal would perform right after TDWP, ripping up the Bible and saying that in Roman times, Christians were fed to the lions. That's not even half the story, so be sure to watch and experience it for yourselves.

Enjoy 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' with the Devil Wears Prada in the clip above!

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