Theory of a Deadman are back with two big announcements! The band has titled the new album 'SaVages' and the guys are eyeing a July 8 street date for the upcoming effort. The disc is their first since 2011's very successful 'The Truth Is …' release.

On top of the news of the album title and release date, Theory of a Deadman are also offering a taste of the new disc in a video teaser at their website. The clip, which clocks in at just under 30 seconds, is for the song 'Drown' and a close-up of a notepad on the mixing board suggests that it will be released on April 22.

The song itself opens with a watery-type sound before some bluesy, gritty guitar kicks in and the initial line of Tyler Connolly's vocals are delivered. As for the track, Connolly states, "'Drown' is about being alone, the feeling of being washed away and left to your own devices. We've all felt that way at some point in our lives; unable to stay afloat, we sink to the bottom which always seems easier in the end than fighting your way back to the surface."

The band recently completed the album with longtime producer Howard Benson at the helm. Benson previously worked with the band on their 2005 release, 'Gasoline,' 2008's 'Scars & Souvenirs' and 2011's 'The Truth Is…'

Connolly says of the new disc, "We went back to where we belong on this record, back to the angst, back to the darkness. We veered off the road a bit on this one, but it took us right back to where we needed to be."

With the band ramping up to a new album, look for TOADM returning to the road. Theory of a Deadman have a mixture of festival shows and their own dates on the horizon and their complete itinerary can be found here.