If you thought Canadian rockers Theory of a Deadman could only write about girls gone bad and partying 'til the wee hours of the morning, think again. While the band’s first singles off their current studio album, ‘The Truth Is…,’ show their rough and tough side, Theory’s latest single, ‘Hurricane,’ shows they have a heart, too, and aren’t always trying to sound cooler than school.

‘Hurricane’ starts with a distant, grungy riff and crescendos into an eruption of strings and symphonics -- a different sound for the usually straight-ahead rockers. Lead singer Tyler Connolly enters with yearning lyrics that are more serious than the usual Theory fare: “I should have known these walls would cave in / I should have never left my heart there on the line … And now nothing's saved, nothing's caged / Was it all in vain? / Cause I'm standing in the eye of the storm / And everything I've known is blowing away.”

Light strings and soft walking guitar riffs envelop Connolly’s voice, and then the chorus kicks in: “I'm caught in a hurricane! / I'm leaving here dead or alive!” Connolly sings. Like many good rock songs, the chorus is big and anthemic, with thick vocals and crushing guitars. As the song continues, its character has enough sincerity to fall into the “ballad” category, but doesn’t fall into the empty lovelorn ballad trap, either.

‘Hurricane’ truly shows Theory of a Deadman at their finest: creating a song that carries the best elements of rock, an emotive message and enough experimentation to keep things interesting. Theory truly shine best when they’re just themselves, and they accomplish that on ‘Hurricane.’

4 Stars

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