In our recent exclusive interview with frontman Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman, he talked about the importance of always having a blowdryer nearby. Now, we go further in-depth about the awesomeness that is Tyler Connolly's pompadour.

When we asked about his hair and whether he had a name for it, he responded by saying, "There’s no name for but we should have a contest, maybe to name it, if anyone wants to bring attention to it.”

He went on to say, “About four or five years ago, I started wearing it like this, I had a fo-hawk for while but then the hairstylist was looking around for some hairstyles and she did this weird thing that looked like – I don’t know, can’t even describe what it looked like, just wrong.”

“Then she gave me this pompadour, like '50s band and I was like, 'Yeah this looks pretty cool,' and it just kind of stuck.”

When we asked if he was going to keep the hairstyle or change it up, Connolly said, “I’m gonna rock it ‘til I’m bald and then I’ll just get a pompadour wig or it’ll start way back and I’ll just comb it forward, that’ll be fun. [Laughs].”