Maynard James Keenan of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer recently made an appearance on comedian and 'Fear Factor' host Joe Rogan's podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. In the interview, which lasted for well over two hours, Keenan and Rogan talked about a huge variety of topics, including the vocalist's wine endeavors and the current status of A Perfect Circle.

The duo kicked off the interview with a discussion about the wine Keenan has been crafting at his Arizona vineyard. Rogan pondered how one decides to start a vineyard, which led to a humorous explanation from Maynard Keenan. "You join the military, you get out of the military, you form a band, make a million dollars, you go dump that million dollars into a f---ing black hole in the middle of nowhere, and then go, 'Okay, that was the wrong hole.'"

Keenan continues, "Before you put anything in the ground, figure out what grape might work there. I had to learn the hard way. When you put the vine in the ground, you don't know. If it sticks around the next year, at least you've got that part, it actually grew. Then you've got to figure out if it's gonna get to the point where you can actually to train it, to start setting fruit on it. So you're not going to see fruit on that vine -- you could probably push it and get some fruit on there the third year, but if you really want quality fruit, you want to just let the plant really sink in, find it's way, get the root system, get the whole structure of it happy and healthy and then set fruit on it, on the fourth year. And then you make the wine out of that fruit the fourth year and then you get to try it on like, it's fifth year, so five years down the road after having planted those vines, you go, "Wow, that wine sucks."

Keenan also addressed the current status of A Perfect Circle during the interview. The vocalist stated that at this point, there are no solid plans for the band, but when the time is right, a new album could be made.

Check out the full interview with Maynard James Keenan in the video players below.

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