Of all the famous rock-star stage moves, the guitar spin is easily one of the coolest. The classic spin, the reverse spin, multiple spins -- they're all a thing of beauty. When a guitarist spins their axe onstage, everyone looks. However, what is more attention-grabbing is a guitar spin gone horribly wrong. Any guitarist can explain the heartache of a broken six string or four string, but when a guitar is smashed from a failed spin, heartache turns into regret, and if captured on film, regret turns into all of us pointing and laughing. Without further ado, Loudwire presents the Top 10 Guitar Spin Fails:

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    Multiple Spin Fails

    This kid did two things right before practicing his guitar flips; he chose a soft, grassy area to avoid serious damage (although you can hear the distinct sound of concrete after the third attempt) and he set up his camera to share this bucket of FAIL with the world. At least he finally pulled it off on his last try...

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    If At First You Don't Succeed... Screw It

    Every musician knows that when you're on-stage, no matter how badly you mess up, the show must go on. This shredder makes it about two seconds before he FAILs the guitar flip, detaching his strap and cable simultaneously. After carefully evaluating the situation, gangly Justin Bieber calls it a day.

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    The Windup...

    This next guy is intense. Like a pitcher on the mound at the World Series, he steadies his feet and gets ready to throw. Ever seen a truly wild pitch? Imagine if the pitcher tried to get a fastball straight across the plate, but threw the ball into his team's dugout by accident.

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    Kid Clocks Himself to Dillinger Escape Plan

    The Dillinger Escape Plan boast some insane stage presence, but we've never seen a move quite like this before. Set to the DEP track 'Prancer,' this kid goes for a guitar spin (in a Raggedy Ann wig for some reason), clocks himself in the head and falls off his couch onto the unforgiving carpet below.

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    World's Shortest Guitar Spin FAIL

    You've got to feel for this next kid. He knows that if he pulls off this bass flip, the most popular girl in school will finally agree to be his date for the Winter Ball. Dressed like Avril Lavigne's nephew, he musters up the courage to execute the move. Will he succeed?

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    Andrew's Famous Guitar Spin!

    You haven't seen Andrew's famous guitar spin? You're in for a treat. Andrew, who dwells within the basement of an Urban Outfitters, attempts a backwards guitar flip while leaping off of his bed - catching the guitar as he lands on both feet, without skipping a note. The only less-than-ambitious part of this video is the placement of the camera, which doesn't capture the payoff on film, but lucky for us the audio comes through loud and clear... sweet pink hat by the way.

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    Kid Snaps His Neck

    It's bizarre that one of the two neck snaps featured in this list occurs when this future rocker's axe goes head-first into a fluffy mattress. Then again, what can you expect with a guitar that looks like it came out of a cereal box? Even Paramore look with shock and disbelief from the wall as their biggest fan's guitar comes flying apart.

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    Bass Spin Fail Set to Hyperactive Metalcore

    Lets be honest, this kid doesn't even need to play his bass. When your music follows the formula of "chug/chug/chug/chug/chug/chug/chug" you're better off just working on your stage presence. He begins by clapping along with the audience, but soon finds himself in a martial arts battle with some sort of metalcore-hating ghost. He goes for the fatality with his patented 'Shaolin Sunset Bass Flip,' but doesn't quite stick the landing.

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    World Record Distance Guitar Spin Fail

    This video is the 'Citizen Kane' of guitar flip Fails. Not just because it makes the performance watchable, but because of its execution. The height, the diving motion, the complete and utter destruction of a flying red guitar. Beauty in its purest form. The fail occurs at around the 1:15 mark and the aftermath is priceless.

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    This band is playing a concert for a crowd of one cameraman and a stingray. The guitarist has practiced this guitar flip a thousand times in his parents' basement, no doubt damaging dozens of lamps and fabergé eggs in the process. Finally his moment has arrived ... he takes a deep breath, puts on his best metal face and continues to bash his vocalist in the face with a backwards guitar flip. We shouldn't just be thanking the guitarist for the hilarious blooper -- if it wasn't for him, we may have never seen the singer's impressive rat-tail.

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