Tremonti are set to release their third album, Dust, on April 29 via Fret 12 Records. Having already served up slivers of new music from "Catching Fire" and "The Cage," fans can now eat up an entire track in the lyric video above for the title track, "Dust."

The song differs drastically from the samples the group has shared so far, showcasing the anthemic rock side of the band where as the samples were deeply rooted in aggressive metal territories. Boasting a simple guitar motif, Mark Tremonti's phrasing mirrors the riff as he delivers a soulful vocal performance. The song's composition is full of peaks and valleys, washing away the sorrow from the verse with an impassioned and uplifting chorus.

“'Dust' is about how it feels to watch a close friend lose confidence in you,” says Mark Tremonti about the song's overlying theme. When following along with the lyrics, the emotion conveyed is high from the nuances in the frontman's voice and the hurt is palpable.

Though the album was recorded during the same sessions as last year's CauterzieDust should not be treated as a collection of B-sides or songs that were cast aside in favor of the ones on the 2015 disc. It is a true new studio album, as Tremonti always meant for them to be releases as companion albums.

Digital pre-orders are available now at iTunes and those who pre-order will receive an instant gratification download of "Dust." But wait, there's more! In addition to the title track, additional songs will become available on March 25, April 8 and April 22 to those who have placed their pre-order. Exclusive bundle packages are available here with a variety of options including autographed copies of the CD, handwritten lyric sheets and more.

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