Now that you’ve seen the most wasted drummers and the most wasted guitarists of all time, it’s time to point the spotlight where it belongs — the singers.

Azazel live at Steelfest is still one of the greatest videos ever captured and should be submitted to the Smithsonian in the name of history. When vocalist Lord Satanachia wasn’t triple fisting drinks and pouring them all over his beer gut, the singer was giving one of the least energetic performances ever witnessed at a metal festival. Regardless, Lord Satanchia’s prowess became legendary, and we salute him.

Remember that time Avril Lavigne jumped onstage with Steel Panther? The multi-platinum artist was three sheets to the wind when she sang Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ’n’ Roll” with Michael Starr, delivering a performance usually reserved for drunk college girls at karaoke. Steel Panther’s Sunset Strip shows aren’t meant to be American Idol, though, so Avril’s singing remains awesome on the fun scale.

Check out the Most Wasted Singers of All Time in the Loud List below.

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