Here's the scenario: It's the day before Slipknot's world tour kicks off and you and a friend have tickets for the opening night. The problem? Your friend isn't familiar with Slipknot's material and there's no setlist to look up to do one last cram session to ensure your friend knows everything that's about to be played. The solution? A medley of 70 Slipknot songs mashed into just seven minutes!

The video (seen above) is yet another installment from YouTuber Paschalis Theotokis, taking each Slipknot song from the opening track of their 1999 eponymous debut to the closing song off their most recent effort. Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat., the band's first official release, was not included in the medley.

Peppering in quite a bit of humor alongside the bruising seven minute heavy metal whirlwind, each of the original nine members are represented in the video, using video game guitar controllers, mini drum kits and a tiny keyboard among other things. Outfitted with Slipknot's infamous red jumpsuits, they jump around in a tight room before making it to an open field that draws a resemblance to the All Hope Is Gone album cover.

Sure, your friend isn't going to be singing every word at this fictitious show in our scenario, but it would at least give him or her a fighting chance to recognize a refrain or two, or at least serve as a jumping off point for which album to purchase first... and then second, third and so on!

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