Yellowcard's lawsuit against late rapper Juice Wrld, which initially started prior to his death in late 2019, has been given the green light to proceed.

The suit, which accuses the rapper of copying Yellowcard's "Holly Wood Died" on his song "Lucid Dreams," was put on pause in February because an executor had not yet been appointed to his estate at the time. XXL reports that Juice Wrld's mother has since been appointed the executor, according to court documents that were filed on July 2.

"The Estate has engaged separate counsel to initiate probate proceedings in Florida, one purpose of which was to appoint a personal representative to act on its behalf in this lawsuit," the document explains. "Probate counsel has informed Defendants’ counsel that the probate court has appointed Carmela Wallace as personal representative for the Estate. Consequently, the Estate now can participate in this case."

Yellowcard are seeking $15 million in damages, including past and future royalties for the song and damages from Juice Wrld's tours as well.

Juice Wrld tragically died in December at the age of 21. He was very influenced by rock music, naming Escape the Fate and Black Veil Brides as two of his favorite rock groups. It was revealed shortly after his death that Yellowcard were still planning to proceed with the lawsuit, despite being "torn" over his death and denying that they were seeking a specific amount for the settlement.

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