"Rock star" is a common Halloween costume for kids and grown-up kids alike, but what do real rock-stars-in-the-making dress up as? Rock stars, of course! At least that was the case for Alice in Chains drummer Sean Kinney, who says that most years of his childhood he spent the last day of October dressed up as Peter Criss from Kiss.

"I probably spent all my tiny boy years dressed as [Criss], 'bout every year until, what is it, last year," Kinney, pictured above (second from left) with his AIC bandmates (or are those some dudes dressed up as Chains?), tells the Pusle of Radio. "I mean, that was pretty much my thing. I'd looked forward to that. My sister'd paint me up in the cat makeup and I'd paint my hair and I'd go out there and bring my drum sticks and I loved it, you know. That was my moment, you know. I'd still do it."

Rob Zombie, meanwhile, says that his house is a popular candy destination on Halloween. He insists that it's his neighborhood, but somehow we suspect kids seek out Zombie's pad on Halloween (if you knew where to find the ex-White Zombie star, wouldn't you?) "The neighborhood we live in is like trick or treaters central — literally we get thousands, which always sounds like an exaggeration, but it's not," he says.

"You know, one year I counted how many trick or treaters we got, 'cause I knew how much candy we had, 'cause I actually counted it. And as I gave it out, I kept track just out of curiosity. And when it went over a thousand kids, I just locked the door and turned the lights off. I couldn't take it anymore. The whole neighborhood shuts down, it's the most insane thing I've ever seen."

Another Halloween costume idea? Staind's Mike Mushok recalls one Halloween when his band was playing and dressed up as a mummy. "[It was] great in theory until you start playing -- it all starts falling off," he says. "I should have worn something underneath it rather than nothing, but ..."

Hollywood Undead's Johnny 3 Tears, who lives in Los Angeles, reveals he spends the big day hanging on Santa Monica Boulevard. "They have it closed off, with like bands and... the transvestite community is very large there," he says. "They put on these costumes and it's just like a spectator sport down there," he said. "I just go down there and throw water balloons and drink. It's fun."

And Tool / Puscifer singer Maynard James Keenan suggests fans study up on their Halloween history to truly understand what he calls an "interesting holiday." "I recommend that people really kind of dive into some more of the origins of, you know, why the jack-o-lantern on the porch and why the trick or treat — why the door to door," he says. "What is that all about?"

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