'3-Gun Nation' is a TV show hosted by country singer Mark Wills, and  the new season of the program will add Phil Labonte from All That Remains to the mix. Willis and Labonte will receive training tips from professional 3-Gunners as the two singers compete head-to-head in various challenges.

3-Gun shooting events involve courses where the shooter moves through different stages using a combination of a rifle, pistol and shotgun. This season of '3-Gun Nation' will feature Wills and Labonte being trained by some of 3-Gun's best shooters, including Colt's Clint Upchurch and team Noveske Pros Jansen Jones and Rob Romero.

Wills says, “I really enjoyed myself filming this season. Even though Phil and I play opposite music we both share a common passion for firearms and the Second Amendment. It was fun to shoot with him and compete with a fellow lead singer and student of the game.”

Labonte adds, “I love my music, but when I'm not on tour I spend a lot of my time shooting. I have a lot of friends in the firearm industry, and I enjoy promoting the Second Amendment however I can. I'm pretty new to 3-Gun so I'm on a major learning curve, however I can honestly say I'm pretty much addicted to it now.”

A staunch gun-rights advocate, Labonte recently wrote an Op-Ed piece for Alternative Press supporting the Second Amendment rights of Americans to bear arms.

All That Remains' latest studio album 'A War You Can Not Win' will be released in September. Music from the band's seventh album will be featured on this season of '3-Gun Nation.' The show will air Sunday mornings on the NBC Sports Network.