A series of newly released phone calls offer new insight into the mindset of Creed frontman Scott Stapp. The audio tapes document a number of 911 calls along with a conversation between Stapp and the dean of his son's school.

The Scott Stapp saga began when the musician posted a video online claiming that he was "penniless" and was forced to spend nights between a Holiday Inn and his own truck. As Stapp's divorce moved along, the singer's estranged wife claimed Stapp was using drugs and was looking to put the Creed musician in a 60-day psych hold. Stapp's son even chimed in on his father's state, writing, "My father once again chose drugs over his family."

Over the past couple of days, it was reported that Scott Stapp's wife and sister-in-law notified the police that the singer was out to "assassinate" President Obama, and it was also revealed that Scott had lost custody of his children.

In this latest development, TMZ has uncovered four phone calls made by Scott Stapp. The singer's paranoia is evident from call one (recorded last month), where he tells a 911 operator that people were are out to kill him. In the second 911 clip, Stapp tells the same dispatcher that he's been on the run for 36 straight hours attempting to avoid 15 vehicles following him.

Within call No. 3, Stapp asks the dean of his 16-year-old son Jagger's school to get him on the phone immediately. During the message, Stapp asserts the core of terrorist group ISIS is made up of his own family members, adding that the people of Florida have been targeted for an attack.

In the final 911 call unearthed by TMZ, Stapp accuses his estranged wife of stealing his car. However, as pointed out by the operator, married couples can not be legally charged with stealing each other's possessions.

Check out all four Scott Stapp phone calls above and below. Mobile users may need to hold device horizontally to play audio.

Scott Stapp Phone Calls