Babymetal, everyone’s favorite teenage female Japanese metal band, have unleashed a video trailer marking the beginning of the "Metal Resistance."

The cryptic video, titled “Metal Resistance Episode VII: The Revelation” boasts that “a new era is about to begin,” and describes the history of the “Metal Resistance” with a scroll of text that reads:

Babymetal transcends dimensions of time and space. As well as the body and mind, as it is a legend about the CHOSEN ONE with a metal spirit, who travels across the metal galaxies. The metal spirit within the CHOSEN ONE is born again, rises again, and again, and again. The power of believing oneself, the power of believing others, the power of light, and the power of darkness all combine to become a radiating light to illuminate the void, and when they all gather together as THE ONE, the CHOSEN ONE becomes the guiding light. The guiding light delivers itself with us through sacred songs from the universe and heavens. This is the myth known as the METAL RESISTANCE.

A theatrical movie trailer voiceover then begins to dramatically read the text, “Light and darkness. Both are considered to be opposites but at the same time, one cannot exist without the other. Until now, we have only experienced the light side – the legend of three metal spirits. An unknown dark side also exists. A legend of seven metal spirits – The Chosen Seven. A new era is about to begin."

The esoteric clip leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but surely the ladies will follow-up the trailer with more about the mysterious "Chosen Seven" and the "Metal Resistance."

Babymetal, who were recently parodied in a Japanese hot chocolate commercial, will kick off their 2018 tour in Kansas City on May 8. Check out their tour dates here. These shows will be Babymetal’s first since the sudden death of guitarist Mikio Fujioka, who reportedly fell from an “observation deck” on Dec. 30, succumbing to his injuries on Jan. 5.

Watch the video above.

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