Update: Black Veil Brides have pushed the release of their upcoming album 'The Phantom Tomorrow' from June 4 to Oct. 29. Singer Andy Biersack revealed the news to fans in the video below, explaining that the Covid pandemic has led to some delays in things they wanted to do surrounding the album. By pushing the release back, they'll now be able to include vinyl record options, other physical media and a comic book series that can now arrive in time. See the full message below:

Andy Biersack Discusses Black Veil Brides' Album Delay

In tandem with a music video for the new song "Fields of Bone," Black Veil Brides have unveiled the details of their long-awaited concept album, The Phantom Tomorrow, which comes out on June 4 on Sumerian Records.

The new single is the second to be released from what will be the band's sixth album and, thematically, is an extension of the narrative first presented in the video for "Scarlet Cross," featuring protagonist 'The Blackbird' and the antagonist known simply as '9'.

Singer Andy Biersack, who also made his debut as video director, engages his signature hushed croon over the atmospheric opening of "Fields of Bone," building tension until a stomping riffs shatters the still and Biersack revs up his gritty, impassioned wail.

Read the lyrics to the new song below and watch the music video further down the page.

In conjunction with The Phantom Tomorrow, Black Veil Brides will also release a companion comic book/graphic novel, that further elaborates on the storyline presented in the record.

In March, Biersack discussed the concept with Cutter's Rockcast, divulging "In our society, we have this, especially now, this love of building up heroes and obsessing over other people who often don't give a shit about you or anybody else, and we kind of have these false idols and heroes. And so the story is kind of about taking this mythological character and the people putting all of this power on to them, and then ultimately turning their back on the character because nobody can fulfill the dreams and ideas that you put on somebody else."

"It's an alternate version of our own timeline where our obsession with heroes and the iconography of somebody that's aspirational kind of gets out of control and [it] becomes our whole society," he added.

Pre-orders for The Phantom Tomorrow are available here and the artwork (by Eliran Kantor) can be viewed at the bottom of the page alongside the complete track listing. This record also marks the first for bassist Lonny Eagleton, who joined in 2019 and played on Black Veil Brides' The Night EP.

Black Veil Brides, "Fields of Bone" Lyrics

Here I am your Judas Christ and I bleed from
the heart that saved your life
Blurry vision when your eyes are gone but
I see every word you string along
Are you the saint that burned the gods of man?
Hard to stand when no one gives a damn
Not alone, Just not one of them – your shadow

The fight,
Heaven hasn’t ended
I swear that I’ll protect it,
Time is the soldier,
Keep marching closer to Fields of Bone

Every word our final verse we sing to
the blessed and the cursed
Hard to picture where we all belong and
if we have the strength to carry on
Am I the saint? Take me by the hand
Hard to trust when no one understands,
you’re alone in the eyes of man
No shadow

All the sinners are sent to rest
All their misery has to end

The fight,
Heaven hasn’t ended
I swear that I’ll protect it,
Time is the soldier,
Keep marching closer to Fields of Bone
Time is the soldier,
Keep marching closer,
Time is the soldier,
Keep marching closer

Black Veil Brides, "Fields of Bone" Music Video

Black Veil Brides, The Phantom Tomorrow Album Art + Track Listing

Black Veil Brides, 'The Phantom Tomorrow'
Sumerian Records

01. "The Phantom Tomorrow" (introduction)
02. "Scarlet Cross"
03. "Born Again"
04. "Blackbird"
05. "Spectres" (Interlude)
06. "Torch"
07. "The Wicked One"
08. "Shadows Rise"
09. "Fields Of Bone"
10. "Crimson Sky"
11. "Kill The Hero"
12. "Fall Eternal"

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