Chevelle's latest album 'Hats Off to the Bull' may only be a few months old, but frontman Pete Loeffler is already looking towards their next release.

Early in their career, Chevelle were mistaken for a religious band and unknowingly signed to a Christian label. In an effort to avoid history repeating itself, the band is very matter-of-fact when addressing misconceptions about their music. "With ‘Face to the Floor,' a lot of people did talk about it being political, but it wasn’t actually political. The song is about greed," drummer Sam Loeffler explained to Grand Rapids, Mich., radio station WGRD. "For the most part, our songs are safe from politics and religion. It’s a ‘come out and have a good time’ kind of thing.”

Chevelle are doing quite well with their current release, in fact 'Face to the Floor' just spent 13 weeks at No. 1 on the active rock charts. Despite being in the early phases of touring behind the release, the band already has an eye on their next album. "I’m always writing, always jotting ideas down,” said frontman Pete Loeffler. “I’d like to get a new album out as soon as possible. We don’t want too much down time. You lose your edge.”

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