It looks like Corey Taylor won't be listening to Mumford and Sons anytime soon. Pinpointing what he sees as a creative lethargy within folk rock, the Slipknot vocalist, Stone Sour bandleader and solo artist has opined how he hates the "safe" and "weak" music for dominating the spotlight.

Perhaps it's Taylor Swift's foray into a monochrome indie-folk world that has stoked Taylor's ire for the more subdued style. Saying that folk music often "sounds like a fucking Dove soap commercial," the artist known as CMFT contrasted those strains with his no-holds-barred angle in rock and metal.

"It's really safe and fucking weak, and it feels like there's no attitude," Taylor recently suggested in an online Kerrang cover story when the topic of folk rock was breached. "There's nothing that's offending people's sensibilities, and that's what rock is supposed to do sometimes."

He continued, "That's not to say that there are aren't good fucking bands out there doing it, but it just seems like the types of music that are really getting all the attention are the safe bands, and I hate anything safe."

Taylor's viewpoint brings to mind a previous conversation he had with Kerrang, the musician then also condemning what he thinks is rock's fragile side. It's one he quite clearly doesn't care to give credence.

"Some of it is a reflection of being sick and tired of this nutless rock 'n' roll I've seen lately that is real soft," the musician explained of his then-upcoming debut solo album, the recently announced CMFT effort that's due Oct. 2. "I like my rock 'n' roll to kick me in the fucking nuts. That's just me though."

Taylor's takes on some nut-kickin' rock arrived last week in the form of the two first singles from his forthcoming album, "Black Eyes Blue" and the Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie-assisted "CMFT Must Be Stopped."

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