It was definitely not a friendly parting of the ways when DJ Lethal and Limp Bizkit split earlier this year, but the DJ is moving forward with his own music.

Getting back in the game after his public feuding with the other Bizkit band members, Lethal teamed up with Bryce Beckley, Jamie Rise, and Street Drum Corps' Bobby Alt to lay down his first new track, a song called 'Scream the Metal.'

Though official details have yet to come down on what else the DJ has in mind for his first release, the preview of 'Scream the Metal' that just surfaced via his Twitter account shows him mixing the harder edged material, as the title might suggest, from his Bizkit days with the growing musical partner of dubstep, similar to what Korn did in incorporating dubstep for their last release.

A posting on his Twitter account suggest that new music is coming this fall. He also states that his sound will be "metal with dubstep and hip-hop," and he adds, "It's a work in progress." The musician concluded his postings with a demo of his Lethaldose Productions Hip-Hop Reel.

Listen to DJ Lethal's 'Scream the Metal' Song
Check Out DJ Lethal's Lethaldose Productions Hip Hop Reel