With 2016 being such a tragic year for rock star deaths, it makes you appreciate when talent survives major healths scares even more. Such is the case with Eyehategod frontman Mike IX Williams, who is set to make his return to the concert stage in April after undergoing a successful liver transplant late last year.

Williams sat out a number of Eyehategod's 2016 performances with Philip Anselmo and Randy Blythe both taking turns fronting the band at several stops. We would soon learn that Williams had serious health issues as he had been waiting for a life-saving liver transplant after being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in 2014. A match was eventually found and Williams underwent the transplant surgery on Dec. 14, 2016. The metal community also chipped in with fans and peers donating a total of $70,000 to help offset the medical costs.

Now comes word that Williams will rejoin his band for a performance the weekend of April 14 and 15 at the Berserker Fest that is taking place at the Crofoot in Pontiac, Mich. The fourth edition has the Eyehategod return with Williams in the top poster spot, with Gwar, Weedeater, the Obsessed, Off, Negative Approach, Nightkin, Blurring and Nuke among the top billed bands playing the music weekend.

Before Williams returns to the stage, there will also be several benefit shows taking place in New Orleans that will also go toward raising money to help with the singer's medical expenses. Check out more on the February shows here.

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