For those who like their Falling in Reverse on the heavy side, you'll be thrilled with the band's latest offering. The group has just unleashed the new single 'Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter),' which will be part of the band's forthcoming album, 'Just Like You.'

The chaotically heavy track features hard-driving guitar work, frenetic drumming and a screaming Ronnie Radke on vocals. While there are a few melodic moments in the chorus of the song, for the most part it's hard and heavy all the time.

'Guillotine IV' is a sequel of sorts to 'Guillotine,' which dates back to Radke's time as a member of Escape the Fate on the 'Dying Is Your Latest Fashion' disc. The song's release follows 'God, If You Are Above...', which debuted last fall.

The album now has a Feb. 24 release date via Epitaph Records. Pre-order bundle options that include such things as shirts, belt buckles and colored vinyl are currently available at this location. Check out the album track listing below.

Falling in Reverse, 'Just Like You' Track Listing:

1. 'Chemical Prisoner'
2. 'God, If You Are Above…'
3. 'Sexy Drug'
4. 'Just Like You'
5. 'Guillotine IV (the Final Chapter)'
6. 'Stay Away'
7. 'Wait and See'
8. 'The Bitter End'
9. 'My Heart's to Blame'
10. 'Get Me Out'
11. 'Die for You'
12. 'Brother'