Over the last six years, Ghost's rise to stardom has been meteoric, delivering stunning live shows as the clergy work to share the message of the radiant light of Satan. With a GRAMMY award and several headlining tours under their collective belts, all seemed to be going well for the cloaked band, but not according to Sister Imperator, who once again laced into the Nameless Ghouls for their ineptitude as seen in the video above.

In mid-September, Sister Imperator stood behind her pulpit, chastising the Nameless Ghouls for getting caught up in accolades rather than focusing on their mission. This time, her infuriation has failed to simmer as she boils over with rage that the Ghouls are still not taking things seriously enough.

Calling out the mysterious members of the group for sitting through "insipid" interviews answering "insipid" questions, remaining masked to hide their faces from the press, they've managed to make a mockery of this visage even through depravities like orgies. Sister then positions the Ghouls with the notion that they are supposed to lead their basement-dwelling fans "into the murky light of the shadow."

Going on, she tells the Nameless Ghouls they are "afraid of real change" and that the band has been relying on Papa Emeritus to spread their message too much, charging them with "dereliction of duty."

It appears these masked figures are in hot water, which now calls attention to the new female bass player to don the Nameless Ghoul outfit. Was the previous Ghoul dismissed due to Sister Imperator's desire to whip them back into form? Maybe we'll find out when Sister speaks out next!

Ghost are currently on a headlining run across the U.S. in support of their latest release, the Popestar EP and the remaining dates can be found here. The collection contains one new original cut, the infectious "Square Hammer" and four cover tracks and should tide fans over until the next full length, which is expected to be out by fall of 2017.

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