Green Day are still coming down from the high of their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this month. After taking last year off, fans will be happy to know that they are revitalized and working on a new album. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Armstrong talks about the band’s new music and reflects on the band’s surreal Hall of Fame induction and more.

In the interview Armstrong said, “There's definitely a great spirit going on. We've always been pretty charged up.” He added that the group was working on new music before they got word that they would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He continued, “We're going to take our time. We're not going to try and pull off some, like, victory lap over this because I definitely want the music to come from a real place and be inspired, not just because we got honored or anything like that, but because we're honoring music. We want to work on them, and we want to make a great album.”

The singer and guitarist also added while he is not sure the album will come out next year, but he did say that they have “four or five songs right now.” Armstrong said, “I'm gonna take it really slow. I'm just gonna make sure every moment is inspired and that we have something that's really special to us. And right now with the songs that we have, it's going in the right direction.”

The Berkeley, Calif., based punk rockers were recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with Joan Jett, Ringo Starr, Bill Withers, Lou Reed, Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and the 5 Royales. Armstrong said the night was like a drug induced dream. "It's sort of like a natural LSD. The whole thing was just surreal, but instead of LSD it was reality." He continued, "We had a great time. It was just a wild weekend. There was so much going on.” He also added that the event was “freaky” and “like being at your own wedding and your own funeral.

He also talked about performing with fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alum Ringo Starr. “That's the part where it gets surreal. It really does feel like a dream. One second you're playing with Ringo onstage… and just the fact that I was so far away from Mike [Dirnt] and Jason [White]. I was on the side with Ringo. That part literally felt like a dream.” Armstrong added, “When we we're standing onstage accepting the award and you look out. You see Patti Smith and you see Alice Cooper. It's like you're waiting to wake up.”

You can read Billie Joe Armstrong’s entire interview with Rolling Stone here.

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