While a slew of Moonman statues will be handed out this Sunday (Aug. 24) at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, former Limp Bizkit member DJ Lethal is still searching for a VMA statue that was stolen from him. Nearly a year ago, the former House of Pain DJ discovered the trophy was missing from the Las Vegas bar he co-owns and he is asking for help to find it.

Just last fall, Lethal took to his Facebook page (which is listed under his real name Leor Dimant) and wrote, “Please help. Someone stole my MTV Moonman from the Backstage Bar Las Vegas. It was on display and screwed down. Any info would be appreciated with a reward!! Thank you. As you can imagine how much it means to me. That's like a Super Bowl ring for an athlete.”

The missing Moonman was awarded to Limp Bizkit back in 2001 for their Best Rock Video for ‘Rollin’.’ Prior to the theft it was on display at Backstage Bar and Billiards in Las Vegas, along with other memorabilia. According to Spin, Lethal said in an email that the award was “screwed down and mounted” and they “didn’t have security cameras set up yet.” He added that there “was an afterhours party and we really don’t know how it disappeared.”

Lethal continued, “It deeply saddens me when I think about it. Who knows where it is -- and who would do something like that?”

Limp Bizkit did win another MTV Video Music Award back in 2000 for Best Rock Video for ‘Break Stuff,’ which DJ Lethal still has safe and sound.

The turntablist is currently prepping for some UK gigs behind the ones and the twos. You can check out his tour dates here. Meanwhile, his former bandmates in Limp Bizkit just released the track 'Endless Slaughter' in anticipation of eventually releasing the long-awaited 'The Stampede of the Disco Elephants.'